Train’s Towers, Inc. is a privately owned corporation. Don Train, President and sole owner of the company, has worked since 1972 in the communications industry. His business philosophy is simple; employee safety, training and quality workmanship develop positive long-term client and employee relationships.

Train’s Towers, Inc. specializes in the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of antenna systems for communications systems for communications and their supporting structures. Since 1980, the company has been serving many local and national communications clients, including Major Law Enforcement, Utility Companies and Broadcast Stations.

Our certified climbers have worked in all facets of tower installation. We specialize in the installation of antenna systems, lighting systems, troubleshooting, and specialized equipment. We have extensive experience with various communications applications including but not limited to, Broadcast, Emergency Management, Experimental, Government, Microwave, Military and Trunking communications systems.

Train’s Towers, Inc. is proud to be a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). NATE represents the passionate majority of safety minded tower professionals nationally, and internationally, and holds semi-annual conferences. We support this organization as a political body in the industry and utilize their many educational resources.    

Train’s Towers, Inc. provides the following primary services:

  • Tower foundation analysis and repair

  • Tower troubleshooting and repair

  • Installation and maintenance of antenna systems

  • Structural analysis

  • Broadcast communication systems installation, maintenance, and repair

  • Guyed tower tension/tensioning

  • Lightning protection system installation and maintenance

  • Obstruction lighting system installation, maintenance, and repair

  • Microwave antenna systems installation, maintenance, and repair

  • Antenna and Line sweep testing

  • Cooling tower obstruction lighting systems installation, maintenance, and repair

  • Utility transmission line obstruction lighting systems installation, maintenance, and repair

  • All service work is performed by using the Motorola R56 standard as a guideline.

We provide maintenance, repair and site inspection for the following systems: 

  • Broadcast communication towers

  • Guyed towers

  • Self-supporting towers

  • Monopole towers

  • Microwave towers

  • Water towers

In 1980 Donald Train established Train’s Towers. Train’s Towers, Inc. currently exists as a privately owned Corporation in the State of New Jersey. Don has worked for over 40 years within the industry and his business philosophy is simple in emphasizing the following employee traits:  

  • Employee safety

  • Employee training

  • Employee quality workmanship

All of these attributes aid in developing positive long-term client and employee relationships. Train’s Towers primary concern is our employee’s safety and welfare. It is always our objective and intention to provide the best service and work practices while delivering them in an efficient and safe manner to our clients.